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Rethinking Engagement

Navigating the Card Lifecycle Marketing Paradigm Shift

Many industries have felt the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and banks are no exception: Covid-19’s impact created a paradigm shift in lifecycle marketing for issuers.

As cardholders spend more time online and marketers deal with smaller budgets, new questions emerge: How should traditional tactics like direct mail be right-sized? Which spend stimulation tactics work best in this new age? What segments contain high-potential cardholders and how can banks maximize MROI?

As issuers adapt and begin to recover, re-imagined marketing strategies for credit and debit cards will play a crucial role in retaining cardholders and finding new business lines.

This booklet looks at:

  • The ins and outs of a data-driven and rapid learning approach to cardholder lifecycle marketing

  • Tactical strategies for engaging cardholders across their entire journey

  • Action-oriented case studies for improving lifecycle marketing

Now is the moment to take a more agile, insights-driven marketing approach. Download the digital booklet to get started.

Download the Booklet

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