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2020 was a year like no other. All eyes are now on 2021 for recovery.

The world became more distanced, domestically focused and digital in 2020. In 2021, pent-up demand will likely drive some recovery as socializing becomes possible and businesses start realizing the benefits of becoming more digital. A promising vaccine and therapeutics will further push the globe toward recovery.

In the Mastercard Economics Institute’s annual report, learn about the signs pointing toward recovery, with breakdowns by consumer, business and government trends.  

The pandemic has created a multi-speed global recovery that favors low-touch over high-touch activity, high-income consumers over low, and has created a significant job divide for minorities, women and younger workers.

Download the Mastercard Economics Institute's Economy 2021 to learn what will drive global growth, emerging trends to watch and potential economic challenges and risks facing consumers, businesses and governments.

Access the Global and Regional Reports

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