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Satvinder Singh

Executive Vice President, Sales & Servicing

Traditional financial institutions (FIs) face challenges and opportunities as fintechs innovate, consumer expectations evolve and open banking becomes a reality.

Traditional banks are adapting to changing consumer preferences by innovating across their businesses and taking a few strategic cues from fintechs and other competitors. At the same time, they’re building on their inherent advantages of brand equity, consumer trust and loyalty.

Traditional FIs have all approached the challenge differently, but many are enthusiastic about learning from fintechs and incorporating new ideas. Most FIs are investing in the digital transformation of their operations, and either acquiring or partnering with existing fintechs.

Traditional FIs don’t have to figure out the best strategy alone. Third-party partners can offer guidance and tools to defend market share, whether through analytics, loyalty platforms or expertise. This report provides a clear game plan for traditional FIs to capitalize on new technology for their growth. Fintechs could have a real impact on incumbent FIs. Now is the time to adapt strategies and consider all manner of new initiatives to remain competitive.

Download the report we sponsored by Harvard Business Research Analytic Services on the fintech disruption.


Satvinder Singh leads the team responsible for Sales & Servicing for clients globally. The team is focused on helping clients make data-driven decisions, innovate through analytics and more effectively engage their cardholders through services. He is also a member of Mastercard’s International Markets Leadership Team.