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Umbrella in the rain
Under the weather: The economic impact from weather-related shocks

When Hurricane Ian hit Florida this year, retail sales declined for several days. Scorching heat in the UK this summer also impacted spending trends. As weather becomes more extreme, economies will feel the impact in unique ways.

economy 2022 in focus tile image
Outlook Report
Economy 2022

Economy 2022, a global outlook report developed by the Mastercard Economics Institute, focuses on 5 key trends and how they may evolve in the year ahead -- savings & spending, supply chains, digital, risk, and travel.

shifting wallets tile image, black with globe & text overlay
Shifting wallets: New consumer spending habits

Consumer spending in 2022 has shifted in what, where and when consumers are making purchases. Much of this has been driven by a consumer desire for more control after three years of uncertainty. But with evolving macroeconomic trends, do we dare call this the “new normal”?

Shifting Wallets - EUR
Infographic: Taking back control: A look at consumer spending in Europe

Global consumer spending has experienced a shift in what, where and when purchases occur in 2022. Europe is mostly following a similar trend, but there are some countries that are bucking expectations.