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Travel insights for impactful innovation: Setting you up for success

View Mastercard's on-demand webinar to understand the impact of changing consumer demand and China's reopening on travel economy. Plus hear about the rising cost of travel and its impact on travellers to help you identify opportunities for your business. 

Natalia Lechmanova, senior economist at Mastercard Economics Institute, Evan Voshell, vice president for Retail & commerce and George Wilson-Howell, director product management, draw on a unique analysis of publicly available travel data, as well as aggregated and anonymised sales activity on the Mastercard network. 

Access the webinar to hear about:

  • Macroeconomic global and EMEA insights and how they affect consumer spend in travel.

  • Changing consumer demand and how to identify opportunities. 

  • Insights on how to acquire, engage and retain customers today. 


Evan Voshell
Evan Voshell Vice President, Segment Management
natalia L
Natalia Lechmanova Senior Economist, Europe, Middle East & Africa
George Wilson-Howell
George Wilson-Howell Director, Product Management 

View On-Demand

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