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Mastercard Webinar: Effective Strategies to Drive Contactless Adoption

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A key part of the customer experience is their journey through checkout. The ease and convenience of contactless transactions are a powerful solution for consumers.

Contactless transactions offer consumers a fast, secure and more convenient option when paying. This improved customer experience can translate to increased spend for acquirers and merchants that accept contactless payments. Further, contactless can also drive top-of-wallet behavior and generate incremental spend through the displacement of cash for issuers.

Webinar Speakers:

Audrey Bui Khac Headshot 

Audrey Bui Khac

Principal, Mastercard

Michael Landau headshot 

Michael Landau

Vice President, Mastercard

Berke Baydu Headshot


Berke Baydu

Director, Mastercard

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • Update on the state of contactless issuing and adoption in North America

  • Key benefits of providing a positive contactless customer experience for issuers, acquirers and merchants

  • Strategies and tools for organizations across industries to promote contactless usage and optimize the technology's benefits


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