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Mastercard Webinar: Keeping a Pulse on Portfolio Performance

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During economic uncertainty, the ability to benchmark portfolio performance against competitors, quickly respond to fraud and authorization shifts, and monitor recovery across industries, is particularly important.

Issuers can navigate this uncertainty and optimize performance with Mastercard Intelligence Center (MIC). Join this Mastercard webinar to learn how to leverage MIC to assess the most impacted verticals, diagnose behavioral changes across customer segments, and monitor key metrics during COVID-19 recovery. 

Webinar Speakers:

Amit Jain headshot 

Amit Jain

Senior Principal, Data & Services, Mastercard

Arun Acharya headshot 

Arun Acharya

Director, Data & Services, Mastercard


This webinar will highlight how to:

  • Assess portfolio performance compared to competitors

  • Trace volume of spend shifting to other channels (i.e.: e-commerce, contactless)

  • Build standard portfolio dashboards for recovery monitoring

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