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Self-service and pre-defined analytics on portfolio performance across spend, fraud, authorization, and interchange compared to custom benchmarks for a full view of business performance and actionable insights.

Driving intelligent customer engagement based on a data-driven understanding of the business is key to success. The Mastercard Intelligence Center (MIC) is a self-service analytics software platform that provides financial institutions with actionable insights on portfolio performance. By enabling real-time analysis of rapidly refreshed data, MIC provides banks with the analytics and insights necessary for better decision-making.

MIC empowers Financial Institutions through:

Meaningful Benchmarks
MIC provides customized benchmarks of similar card products that are automatically updated weekly, allowing issuers to identify gaps and opportunities to improve performance.
Critical Datasets
With MIC, banks have visibility into key datasets that are not otherwise easily accessible, such as cleansed and enriched merchant data, fraud, authorization, and interchange.
Flexible Deep-Dives
MIC allows users to easily drill down on any KPI and flexibly cut data by merchant category, merchant, product, time period, channel, geography, and more for granular insights.
Data Democratization
MIC integrates data from multiple sources and makes it easily accessible in a self-service analytics platform with a user-friendly dashboard.
Enhanced Test & Learn Insights
MIC seamlessly integrates with Test & Learn to combine its datasets with powerful segmentation and targeting models to determine which campaigns are most effective for each customer segment.

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