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Crisis drives innovation. Needless to say, the pandemic has disrupted how people think, feel and do to an extraordinary degree, at an unprecedented scale. Heightened customer expectations coupled with digital saturation across every aspect of life have made it not just important, but necessary for banks to embrace innovation and reimagine what personal banking truly means.

In this session, we will unpack essential digital marketing tactics to help propel your customer engagement strategy forward in the post-pandemic era.

This webinar will focus on the below topics:

  • Myths and realities about personalizing the customer experience
  • Key ingredients to creating a profitable value exchange with your customers
  • How to leapfrog into personalization from strategy to execution, and everything in between
  • Overview of Mastercard Data & Services capabilities and our credentials

About the event

A two-part webinar series – Rethinking CVPs and Cardholder Engagement in the New Reality – focused on driving cardholder loyalty and top of wallet behavior post-covid.



Deepak Bhatia 

Deepak Bhatia

Vice President

Joan Kang 

Joan Kang

Director, Product Management


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