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Start Path

Access Mastercard’s highly curated network of global startups to find trusted partners and innovative solutions that enable growth.

Start Path é a rede global de Startups da Mastercard, criada para que você encontre as melhores startups que fornecem soluções para impulsionar seus negócios.

Inove de forma rápida na sua empresa através de segurança avançada, UX aperfeiçoado, programas de engajamento exclusivos e soluções emergentes de pagamento. Nossos especialistas podem ajudar ainda mais a avaliar, desenvolver e entregar pacotes de inovação sob medida para sua empresa.

Aproveite nosso ecossistema de mais de 200 startups para auxiliar na estratégia empreserial e potencializar o seu negócio.

Acelere a inovação com nossos recursos e eventos exclusivos.

Start path case study Bank launches electronic payments for its small business customers through Start Path

An acquiring bank wanted to support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that were struggling to accept electronic payments. Mastercard used its own Start Path network and program to identify potential solutions and startup partners to tackle this challenge for small businesses. A new small business onboarding solution was created, built in partnership with Signzy, a Start Path company. The sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution made it possible for small businesses to quickly integrate with an acquirer’s existing electronic payment operations.

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