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Acquirer Intelligence Center (AIC)

Deep-dive insights on portfolio performance across volume, fraud, and authorization, compared to custom benchmarks

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Acquirer Intelligence Center Dashboard

A data-driven understanding of the business is key to success. The Acquirer Intelligence Center (AIC) is a self-service analytics software platform that provides actionable insights into portfolio performance.

By enabling real-time analysis of rapidly refreshed data, AIC provides the analytics and insights necessary for better decision-making. AIC empowers acquirers through:


Critical Datasets
With AIC, acquirers have a view into key datasets such as Authorization, Declines, Fraud, Chargebacks, Interchange, and Points of Interaction, among others


Meaningful Benchmarks
Isolate under-performance relative to a competitive benchmark to target and improve intervention strategies


Flexible Deep-Dives
AIC allows users to easily drill down on any KPI and flexibly cut data by merchant category, merchant, time period, channel, geography, and more


Data Democratization
Understand performance by accessing data directly through the self-service platform, without waiting for static reports


Speed to Insight
Significantly reduce the time and resources required to generate portfolio performance insights


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