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Digital Banking Innovations and Trends

Digital banking is transforming the financial services industry, enabling more customer-centric approaches.

Driven by intensifying competition and evolving customer demand, banks are increasingly adapting their business models by embracing new and innovative technologies to:

  1. enhance the customer experience

  2. boost services

  3. improve operational efficiency

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Digital banking has revolutionized the way we bank and manage our finances

Digitalization in the sector has accelerated over the last few years, largely driven by consumer demand and enabled by the global increase in access to the internet.


Mobile banking has become the primary method of banking for many consumers

>2.7 billion digital banking users in 20221


Digital payments are one of the fastest growing segments

The global digital payments transaction value reached $8.35T in 2022, an increase of 11% from the previous year2


Technological innovations are enabling faster, secure, inclusive and transparent transactions

E.g.: blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, open banking, BNPL


Digital-only neobanks have gained popularity

Over 290 neobanks operating globally, with a combined user base of over 70M3

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Key Accelerators of Rapid Digital Transformation

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More and more banks are embracing new and innovative technologies to enhance the services they offer their customers and improve efficiencies in their internal processes.

Mastercard has identified four pillars and 12 emerging trends in digital banking:


Grow – create new revenue streams

  • Embedded finance

  • Sustainability


Optimize - improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

  • Cross-border payments

  • AI chatbots/digital humans

  • Cloud

  • Programmable payments


Engage – increase existing customer share of wallet

  • AI-enabled personalization

  • Open Banking and super apps

  • Gamification


Enhance – improve the customer experience

  • Metaverse

  • All-in-one card

  • Security and privacy

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