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Smarter Decisions, Better Outcomes (Asia-Pacific)

Nobody connects the dots and makes insights actionable like Mastercard. That’s why we’re bringing together business leaders to share insights and best practices through crisis and recovery in our first virtual series.

Track 1: Experimentation & Innovation in Covid-19 Recovery

The true method of attaining knowledge is experimentation and innovation—and there’s never been a greater need for knowledge than now. When old playbooks and best practices don’t work in this new environment, brands must continue to innovate in order to drive recovery.

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Track 2: Optimizing Customer Acquisition & Driving Next-Gen Loyalty

Even before the pandemic, consumer expectations were shifting and forcing brands to re-imagine their acquisition, lifecycle marketing and loyalty strategies. Now, the landscape looks wildly different—and consumers are continuously re-evaluating their relationships with brands. Financial institutions, retailers, restaurants, travel companies and others must all transform their customer engagement and loyalty strategies to meet the moment and what’s to come in 2021.

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