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A data-driven understanding of the business is key to success. The Acquirer Intelligence Center (AIC) is a self-service analytics software platform that provides actionable insights into portfolio performance.

By enabling real-time analysis of rapidly refreshed data, AIC provides the analytics and insights necessary for better decision-making.

AIC empowers acquirers through:

Critical Datasets
With AIC, acquirers have a view into key datasets such as Authorization, Declines, Fraud, Chargebacks, Interchange, and Points of Interaction, among others
Data Democratization
Understand performance by accessing data directly through the self-service platform, without waiting for static reports
Meaningful Benchmarks
Isolate under-performance relative to a competitive benchmark to target and improve intervention strategies
Speed to Insight
Significantly reduce the time and resources required to generate portfolio performance insights
Flexible Deep-Dives
AIC allows users to easily drill down on any KPI and flexibly cut data by merchant category, merchant, time period, channel, geography, and more
I am really excited for the AIC tool, and all the data we can obtain from it. I think the platform is brilliant, and quite powerful.
J.B., Senior Pricing Relationship Manager Global Payments

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