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Mastercard Traveler Rewards

Mastercard Travel Rewards offers cardholders seamless and fully digital cross-border cash rewards at leading global brands.

Issuers & Cardholders

Benefits for Cardholders

No Hassle Traveling Overseas

Enjoy cash rewards when traveling abroad or shopping online

digital experience and automatic cashback

Seamless digital experience and automatic cashback

worldwide in over 30 markets

Available in over 60 markets

worldwide in over 30 markets

Unlock access to the world’s most desirable marquee merchant brands

Benefits for Issuers

one-of-a-kind benefit consumer wallet pseronalization

Differentiated one-of-a kind benefit that positions your card at the top of your customers’ wallets – driving loyalty and preference

Merchant-funded offers

Low-touch implementation

merchant funded offers

Merchant-funded offers

Increase cross-border spend

Increased cross-border spend and cost savings

millions of cardholders

Available to over 208 million cardholders across credit, debit and prepaid cards

Partner Brands

Benefits for Partner Brands

Affluent Travelers

Gain access to over 208 million affluent travelers worldwide

Merchant-funded offers

Tap into a turnkey solution with no need to change point-of-sale systems and no need for additional marketing investments

digital experience and automatic cashback

Provide a seamless customer experience through card-linked offers that automatically give customer cashback rebates in-store and online


Receive regular campaign performance reporting


Mastercard Travel Rewards is available in over 60 countries, offering travelers cash rewards at some of their favorite international brands

Mastercard Travel Rewards Map

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